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DIGITAL –  Group Show
February 2014


Participating Artists

Adam Yasmin

thumbnail-star time 2
Adam Yasmin is a digital artist from Los Angeles creating original works exclusively on iOS using only an iPhone 5 and/or iPad Mini.  He draws on a musical background and the notion of Biophilia to promote math, nature, science, and technology via intuitive interfaces.  The images are a composite of original digital photography and graphic design. Key subjects are architecture and natural structures, while creating narratives by shifting perspectives and embedding foundational geometries. The intention is to explore new perspectives on cities, communicating via new media, augmented photography, and mixed media interactivity.  All works are initiated with digital photography and subsequently used as digital canvases.  Photographs are then manipulated with a variety of iOS applications that serve as perspective and compositional tools.  The resulting artworks draw heavily on symmetry, abstract surrealism, and geometry.

Jordan Rodgers

I have been exploring the affect the changing nature of the built environment has on our collective imagination. The process of creation is kinetic and mobile, we can learn from the past to inform the future. I have been contemplating the future of society, sustainability, quality of urban life and transport. At the early stage of my career it is an opportunity to do something different, to push boundaries. I use my cross-disciplinary way of working to bridge the gap between traditional drawing and drawing on the iPad. I’m interested in conservation and preservation of historical British landmarks and buildings. I have been exploring the affect the changing nature of the built environment has on our collective imagination. The process of creation is kinetic and mobile, yet macroeconomics and national politics feel increasingly more remote.

Sandi Milford

Sandi Milford is a mixed media artist with an interest in combining new processes and traditional techniques.  Her current work is about all things biological.  She is constantly finding ways to take the processes and forms from inside the body and put them on the outside to change the perspective of how we “wear” art, as well as making biological concepts fun and interactive. Sandi is currently spending her time learning new 3D modeling techniques, and is working on new science based jewelry pieces, as well as experimenting with installation pieces.

Joan Myerson Shrager

This is a series of computer drawn digital paintings inspired by my relationship with the students in the program I co-founded and co- direct, The Stained Glass Project: Windows That Open Doors at the Kendrick Recreation Center, Roxborough, Philadelphia. This is the 8th year of teaching high school age youngsters to create stained glass windows to donate to schools all over the world. The subjects of my work are my students. I am the program photographer and these prints use hand drawing and my photography. I have become very close to many and continue to be inspired by their heroism in a world that does not make life very easy for them. These city public school students, guided by artist mentors have created stained glass windows for schools in South Africa, New Orleans, The Community Partnership School of Philadelphia, The Morris Jeff School of New Orleans and the Ojibwe Peoples School in Red Lake Minnesota.

Brittany Sherman

thumbnail- Insomnia
My goal as an illustrator is to shed light on current environmental issues. By creating playful images based on more serious messages I hope to inform the young public of these issues, and encourage them to live their lives with them in mind.

Bernice Greenberg

When I was three years old my mother gave me a pencil and a sheet of paper to keep me from breaking everything in sight. I’ve been an artist ever since.
In 2003 we moved from a large house on Long Island to a smaller house in New Jersey. From a big basement studio in which I painted large canvases, worked in metal, sculpted and illustrated children’s books, I was confined to a small space. On my eightieth birthday my husband bought a computer for me. Surfing I found Corel Painter 10 and I was in business. This new technology gave me the opportunity to explore new techniques and skills. Corel Painter 12 did the rest.

Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson’s artistic influences have embraced, among others, Monet, Renoir, Stanley Spencer and Lucien Freud. Largely self taught, he believes that all art should be accessible to everyone. His ambition is to be the modern day Vladimir Tretchikoff.


Paul Griffitts

thumbnail A-Whimsy
My interest in fractals started out as a hobby but has rapidly become more of an obsession. I’m what is usually referred to as an “emerging” artist. I have no formal art training though I’ve studied a good deal of art history. I began showing my work in early 2013. Fractal art, especially in 3d, is a very new medium of expression. I began exploring 2d fractals in the late ’90s but only began delving into 3d fractals in 2012. In creating fractal art I try to find images that evoke elements of the natural world while also showing the strange beauty inherent in purely mathematical forms. 

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